How to checking or apply VOA

Visa On Arrival

If you are coming to work, seek work, study or perform the a special visa may be needed and have to be obtained in advance and before travel.  Details about all types of visas for Indonesia are comprehensively covered on our Visas and Documentation page.

If you are coming for social, holiday or tourist purposes or to attend meetings or conferences, most visitors can purchase a Visa on Arrival.

Southeast Asian citizens and citizens of other select countries may qualify for a Free Visa, or BVKS

Citizens of other countriesnot on the visa on arrival or visa free lists will be required to apply for a visa overseas – in their home country – before entering Indonesia.
Immigration Counter

You are admitted into the country when your passport is stamped by an immigration officer at the immigration counter.

Arriving travelers with Visa-On-Arrival status have to go first to one of the ‘VoA Counters’ to pay the appropriate fee and have their passports stamped with the VoA before proceeding to the Immigration Clearance Desk. An official bank is part of the VoA service counters. Payment of visa fees can only be made in US dollar bank notes, Indonesian Rupiah equivalent or by VISA or MASTERCARD.

The officer will scan your passport and may take your photo and and/or fingerprints.  This process will only need to be done once, and the system will recognize your data up on your next visit.

Important: Before you leave the Immigration Counter, CHECK that your passport has had the entry stamp and a VOA sticker (if applicable) inserted.  Sometimes busy and tired immigration officers forget to stamp a passport, and this leads to unnecessary problems and expense on departure.

Ensure that you keep the “Disembarkation/Embarkation Card” with your passport for processing on departure from the country.
Commercial “Fast Track” Meet and Assist Services

There are often long lines at the visa and immigration counters.   For those who prefer a “fast track” option (frequent travelers, older or young passengers, first time arrivers, those with tight connections, families and business fliers) there are approved and licensed “meet and assist” services available. The staff of these services will meet you at the plane door and escort/fast track you through the visa/immigration/baggage retrieval/customs process until you reach your transportation outside the terminal. PT Jas and are two such service providers. Indonesian residents can also join the automated border crossing service Saphire.

The service staff will meet you at the gate or air bridge as you exit the airport and whisk you through immigration, baggage claim and customs safely and quickly to your driver or your next flight. The services can be ordered online either through regional booking networks (more costly option) or direct local operators (less expensive). Service levels are the same.

Extensions & Overstay Payments

A visa extension of 15 days is allowed upon payment of an additional fee, please note that the application for extension must be made prior to expiry of your visa.
Visitors that stay beyond their visa expiry date will be charged a fine of USD20.00 per day of overstay upon departure

For checking VOA only about 48 minutes.

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