Workflow Management

Sebuah Workflow Management System (WFMS) adalah paketĀ perangkat lunak yang dapat digunakan untuk mendukungĀ definisi, manajemen dan pelaksanaan proses workflow. Saat ini kita sedang mencari aplikasi maupun open source workflow management yang dapat kita gunakan.

pricing= $3 per user/month
more than 100 users=$18/month
create a workflow process in 5 steps:
-decide process
-build form
-design workflow
-set permission
-go live
integrated with gmail, APIs, WebHooks and Zapier

customer: the coffee bean, sysco, carneige foundation, vonage, up to 9000customer.
see kissflow Blogs and Support.

-Send notifications
-Schedule task
-Record data
-Allocate resources
-Aprove requests
-Manage content
-Asign task
-Request approval
see workflow automation, workflow platform, resources.
customer: dms technologies, GBM, kaspersky lab,kupivipru,newzealand fire service, UNDP Bangladesh dll

-cost optimization
-open model
-reduces process or transaction cycle times
-easy development processes
see more..
-process modeling
-reusable components
-open platform
see more..

-social intranet
-activity stream
-the ‘like’ button
-photo gallery
-integration with popular social networks, see more..
see prices..
-approval process control
-automatic notification
-configurable workflow
-event based notifications
-graphical workflow editor
-help desk management, see more..
see clients..

see top workflow management software product

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